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-Kôtou, from Ivory Coast

- Guinean dance

-2 dances from Senegal

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Exploration of West African percussion through its key instrument, the djembe.


Typing technique: tone, bass, slam, etc. Learning the basic rhythms of traditional pieces.


The dancers will produce rhythms by tapping on their boots, or ankles, and on various parts of the body, slamming in their hands and tapping on the floor. 

It is a great workout!


Equipment required: rubber boots (without works too, but must wear pants)

If using Rubber boots, must be as tall as possible, without STEEL CAPS so that they are light and without decoration on the outer sides, where one will strike.

Sanza Initiation

The musicians of Sanza Percussions will take you on a journey into the ancient
and mesmerizing world of African melodies played on the sanza. The students will
learn basic sanza finger techniques as well as learning the development of a
traditional African melody, each having his own sanza.


Description of the workshop:
 -Presentation and demonstration of the sanza (origin, characteristics,
sounds, and more);
 -Exploration of sanzas and learning of playing techniques, rhythms and
basic exercises;
-Presentation of the elements of our rhythmic language and notions related
to creation;

-Initiation to the creative process: music composition by the participants
and experimentation with them in the group.

This workshop allows the student to develop listening and openness to the world,
while at the same time, stimulating his imagination, his motor skills and his
concentration. We want to encourage the openness to new worlds, promote
curiosity and awaken the desire to learn.





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