In the Yoruba African language, ADJOKÊ means the one to be cherished.

ADJOKÊ is the name given to her by a Griot, who came to interrupt her first performance in Benin, with a spectacular baptismal ceremony; her name presented by her ancestors!

Stella is a Montreal artist who got her maternal roots from Quebec / Poland, some roots from her little-known Jamaican father, as well as those of her Haitian father-in-law. In addition to having grown up all her adolescence, in a small village in Gaspésie, she is also a committed woman, who has been a social worker for marginalized youth and families for more than 10 years.

If she goes from blues singing to electric slam in her songs, she can also go from the theater stage to the television screen, to become an actress. She has thrilled the Montreal International Jazz Festival scene and has participated in music festivals in West and Central Africa.

Stella Adjokê is more than a singer-songwriter or an actress, she is a healer; for if her art exists, it is to better heal the souls of those who open themselves to her works.


Stella Adjokê