Benkadi Group

Several disciplines such as dance, singing, traditional music and percussion are the foundations of the formation of the group and allow to disseminate the wealth of traditional Guinean culture.

The costumes and the masks give an experience of Guinean folklore. Recognized for being purely traditional, Benkadi distinguishes itself above all other artistic formations thanks to its original use of masks and other accessories.


Benkadi is actually known to be one of the few, not the only artistic group to present the "Konden Mask" of the Hamana region, the "Kawa Mask" of Upper Guinea and the "Tassaba Mask" of Hamana. Benkadi also offers the warriors dance, with wooden guns, which represents the return of the hunters to the village and the dance Doun doun Ba or dance of strong men, which glorifies male strength. This dance is very physical, acrobatic and furious rhythm.


The bewitching rhythms of Benkadi are composed of arrangements of djembes, Kora, doundouns, balafon, gongoma, krin, bolon and cascagnettes. In addition, they also present a parade called Mo lassewa Tolon or percussions compete with dance and acrobatics.​

 Bobo William

Ma Verité / My Truth

Bobo presents a refreshing show of urban mixed music with a committed Afro-reggae sound, with festive rhythms Ivorians who dance, reflect and be moved. A show rich in percussion and dance that will transport you to his musical universe.

 Bobo William

Kôtou Dance

The show is composed of 3 dancers and 3 percussionists. The dancers choreograph together and then each makes a solo. It is a peculiarity of the Kôtou dance that the musicians follow the rhythm of the dancer; it is not the dancer who follows or adapts to the rhythm of the musicians. The video below is an excerpt from the show Afro Fest (NB) 2019, demonstrating the energy and enthusiasm of the dancers.

Stage plot

Degg J Force 3

Polyglot songwriters and performers, they excel in afrobeats/rap/reggae /dancehall trends while drawing inspiration from West African melodies. They fusion the traditional instruments (West African drums, Mandingo guitar and kora) with modern sonorities, to offer music lovers a unique music, contagious, a real hip-hop African mix.

Moussa, Ablaye (aka Skandal) and Moussa Camara (aka Tupac) revolutionized urban music in the country. Degg J has become the reference for the current artistic generation. 


It is not the first urban music group in Conakry but, thanks to them, rap and its rhythms form now a real cultural and artistic industry in Guinea.

                                            ELage Mbaye

Elage Mbaye and his musicians offer us rhythms inspired by his country of origin, Senegal.

Music is his passion .

In 2016, he was a finalist in the category "Solo Artist of the Year in World Music" at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for his album "Diame". His melodies transport and enchant us. He sings peace, justice, sadness and joy. His recognition for life is tangible and he contributes every year his talent during the show for the benefit of the Grandmothers of Africa.

Genevieve labbé

Sanza Percussions & Sadio Sissokho          video

"Sanza Percussions & Sadio Sissokho" is an acoustic music project featuring a repertoire of traditional and creative music from West Africa.

This project is innovative and one of a kind: There are only a few sanza players in Canada and "Sanza Percussions & Sadio Sissokho" is the only group that uses the sanza in Mande music.

Our project explores the fusion of the sanza(African thumb piano) with the kora(African harp), both in original compositions and creative arrangements of traditional griot music. Our kora-sanza-fusion is a unique alchemy of sounds from two ancient, rare and relatively unknown instruments. Our sanza is adapted to play in harmony with the kora.

The group members are :

Sadio Sissokho (Kora, Tama & Lead Vocals)
Trevor Ferrier (Sanza, Cajon & Asheiko Drums)
François Séguin (Sanza & Caxixi)
Julie-Anne Ricard (Calebash Percussion, Asheiko Drums & Backing Vocals)

    Sanza Duo - Voice of the Sanza  




Technical sheet 



Jamaican-Quebec composer-songwriter. Blues with some jazz touches. Music that warms up the soul. Stella sings mainly in French.

Stella Adjokê