Sadio Sissokho comes from a renowned family of griots.

The griots of West Africa are an ancestral lineage of musicians who are the carriers of the oral traditions of music, song and storytelling. Sadio’s instrument of choice, the kora, the African harp-lute, was also the speciality of his father and many of his brothers.

In 1998, Sadio completed his three year program in traditional music studies at the National Conservatory of Music and Percussion of Dakar, Senegal.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he is equally comfortable on the djembe, the sabars, the douns-douns, the tama or talking drum and the kora. In 2003, he immigrated to Quebec and joined to the groups Taafé Fanga, Kabakuwo and Sam Fall, working as a singer, kora player, and percussionist. Sadio has accompanied countless artists such as Juno award winner, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Wilfred Lebouthier, and Ouanani with Jean Arsenault.

In 2004, he founded, with Trevor John Ferrier, the group Mafrica, featuring a traditional repertoire of West African percussion music and his own compositions. In addition to his acoustic work as the soloist, percussionist and singer with Sanza Percussions et Sadio Sissokho, Sadio leads his own group, Djali Sadio Mandingue Moderne featuring his own compositions

In 2017, he wins a Juno Awards in Canada, with Okavango African Orchestra as the best world wide music group.

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