Degg J Force 3

Degg J Force 3 ("Force 3 truth" in Wolof: the three forces being the right) is a group founded in 1997 in the Kaloum district of Conakry, Guinea, by brothers Moussa M'Baye and Ablaya M 'Baye (aka Skandal) and by Moussa Camara (aka 2Pac). Now a duo.

Polyglot songwriters and performers, they excel in afrobeats/rap/reggae /dancehall trends while drawing inspiration from West African melodies. They fusion the traditional instruments (West African drums, Mandingo guitar and kora) with modern sonorities, to offer music lovers a unique music, contagious, a real hip-hop African mix.


Hip-hop music in Guinea has been for several years the only tool to 

denounce the wrongs of society, and the actions of corrupt and cynical government leaders.


Urban culture made itself a place in the Guinean musical industry, a fight worthy of the most ancient warriors that Africa has known.

When the youths world-wide made rap their form of communication,  Guinean censored youths struggled to have a voice.

Moussa, Ablaye (aka Skandal) and Moussa Camara (aka Tupac) revolutionized urban music in the country. Degg J has become the reference for the current artistic generation. 


It is not the first urban music group in Conakry but, thanks to them, rap and its rhythms form now a real cultural and artistic industry in Guinea. 

They made the Théâtre Plaza as part of the Festival Nuits d'Afrique, July 2018, which gave them the COUP DE COEUR, in front of a packed room. 

"Dynasty" their new album: 

In a style that has no equal, the duo strives to stay in the spirit of the fight they have led so far: to make music a way to express the voiceless and the pride of the origins by incorporating the sounds and values ​​of their land. 


In this album recorded between Paris, Montreal, Dakar, New York and Conakry, the duo pours all the rage of the African youth.

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