Atna Njock, Zekuhl
Cameroun, Bantu and pygmy music, jazz
Aziz Daouni
Bobo William
Ivory Coast, Afro-reggae singer & dancer, kotu dance, Productions Marie Chevrier
Carlos Marcelo Martinez
Élage Mbaye
Senegal, singer-percussionist with the group Diame, Productions Marie Chevrier
Ibrahima Seydi
Senegal, percussionist
Kissima Diabate
Senegal, percussionist
Martin Silversmith Lefebvre
Quebec, circus, juggling
Mohamed Mara
Guinea, percussionist, Benkadi Groupe
Patrick Therrien
Metis-Algonquin,Flutist, Storyteller
Sadio Sissokho
Senegal, kora player /percussionist
Stella Adjokê
Jamaican-Quebec, composer-songwriter, blues with jazzy touches.
Tee Cloud
Mi'kmaq, drummer/singer
Trevor Ferrier
Québec, sanza, with the group Sanza Percussions & Sadio Sissokho