Élage Mbaye
Senegal, singer-percussionist with the group Diame, Productions Marie Chevrier
Bobo William
Ivory Coast, Afro-reggae singer & dancer, kotu dance, Productions Marie Chevrier
Ablaye & Moussa Mbaye, Guinea
Guinean rapper, african hip-hop, african urban music, Degg J Force 3, Productions Marie Chevrier
Stella Adjokê
Jamaican-Quebec, composer-songwriter, blues with jazzy touches.
Ibrahima Seydi
Senegal, percussionist
Geneviève Labbé
Mohamed Mara
Guinea, percussionist, Benkadi Groupe
Sadio Sissokho
Senegal, kora player /percussionist
Trevor Ferrier
Québec, sanza, with the group Sanza Percussions & Sadio Sissokho